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There was a girl, she had a funny name.
She got it from her pappy just the same, same, same.

Catalina, Madalina, Lubinsteiner
Walenhimer, Hogan, Logan, Posgan, was her name.

She had twenty hairs on the top of her head
Ten were alive and ten were dead.

(Repeat chorus after each phrase)
She had two teeth in the front of her mouth,
One pointed North and the other pointed South.

she had two eyes in the front of her head,
One was yellow and the other was red.

Her ears stuck our like the sails of a boat,
Her adams apple wandered up and down her throat.

She loved to polish her finger nails,
She bought her polish in ten gallon pails.

The language she spoke was an awful joke,
Her head was made out of solid oak.

Special thanks to Jane and Bob Rosi for providing this information.

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