Hello Camp Loowit campers were provided with a sustained, creative, educational experience in democratic group living in the out-of-doors. Through the use of natural surroundings and under Christian auspices and trained leadership, YMCA camping seeks to help the camper achieve his fullest potential in terms of mental development, physical well-being, social growth and spiritual awareness.

Camp Loowit History

Most of us never really knew what the history was behind the camp. We all came here for a week of comfort away from the parents. But we all learned that the Cabin Counselor was tougher than our parents... speaking for the boy camp sessions. Read more

Camp Anthem

Far above the lakes blue waters Stands our Y camp home. Guarded all around by mountains Crowned by St. Helens Dome Read more

Campfire Stories

This section is lacking, I wish I knew some scary stories, like "Prop Man, Hatched man and 13 Cellars". This is why I started this page. I wanted to tell my daughter a story, but I forgot them all. So I decided to create a Camp Loowit home page. Read more

Ragger Society

How it all started.....The Ragger Society. Do you still have your Green Rag of Friendship still?Read more

Campfire Songs

Jane Ellen Avery, has provided us her memories of camp songs. Some of you might remember most of these. Even the webmaster knew a few with help from his brother and fellow campers.Read more

Daily schedule events?

Once you look at the schedule it will all come back. Do you remember the bell by the flag pole? How about all those events we particaped in?Read more

Post Cards, Camp Map & Images

Do you remember we were required to send our parents a post card from the candy store? Sure the candy was great, in addition to our Care Packages from our Parents. Be sure to see the images of the camp.Read more

Message Forum

Please tell us your stories and memories of Camp Loowit. If you want to post a picture, be sure to email me.