Far above the lakes blue waters
Stands our Y camp home.
Guarded all around by mountains
Crowned by St. Helens Dome

Far beneath the trees of grandeur
Under skies of blue.
Forming friendships we remember
Friendships that are true.

Remember the times you’ve had here.
Remember when your away.
Remember the evening campfires .
And don’t forget to come back someday
For you folks belong to Spirit Lake and
Spirit Lake belongs to you.

I am up-dating the Camp Anthem with the first and last pieces that are the three part anthem.

One is what I had thought was the camp anthem. It was always sung just
before the one you have listed. I think the tune is like one used for
some college anthems.

Camp Loowit we proudly hail thee
we will never shame nor fail thee
should an unkind voice assail thee
we will praise thy name

Far above, our snow-clad mother
guards us every sister, brother
once that you have learned to love her
no one stays the same

Deep within the forest
with the cross before us
to defend each new found friend
that hand and hand encircles and restores us

Camp Loowit, we’ll all remember
even in the dark december
when the campfire’s dying embers
will return to flame.