Activities  Distance Swims:  Dippy Dippers  Over Night Hikes


Paul Bunyon Days (Boys camp)

The events were based around ?old west days? Campers took part in;

Tobacco spitting (using licorice)

Log sawing

Nail pounding

Pole climbing

Log rolling (in the water)


For dinner time, each cabin did a special table decoration around the theme of Paul Bunyon.

Campers could also come in the dress of that time.

Water Carnival (Especially used for the 12 day session and done on parents visitation day)

Campers signed up for events by cabin groups:

Pumice push (blowing a chunk of pumice across the water from one line to another)

Fill the cup balanced on the stomach of one camper (floating on back) with water by mouth.

Holding a spoon by the handle in ones mouth; run out into waist deep water and pick up floating pumice and run it to the dock; return and pick up more in the time given.

Inner tube race

Life jacket race

Crazy dive

Different swim stroke race over a given distance.

Distance Swims:

Campers had to pass a swim test covering a set distance to qualify for the various distance swims.

Campers had to arrange for someone to be an observer in the boat and a rower for the boat.

Swims were done early in the morning before flag raising when the lake was the calmest. A record was kept with names being placed on a board hung in the lodge and a certificate of completion given to every successful swimmer.

The first and shortest was a ? mile swim from Girl Scout point.

Campers could then progress to the next distance; a 3/4 mile swim from the dock at Harmony Falls Resort to the camp dock.

The next was from Duck Bay to camp; a distance of 2 1/2 miles.

Last was the swim from Bear Cove; a distance of three miles.

Dippy Dippers

Every morning at 7:50 am, campers could come to the lake in their swim suits and take a dip. Too count as a dip, one had to submerge up to their neck. A camper who did this every morning of camp received a Dippy Dippers award certificate.

Luau day (Usually done during 12 day session during girls camp)

Campers made costumes of Hawaiian theme A King & Queen were chosen (Usually staff)

Canoes were decorated and a parade held in the water

A special dinner of barbecued chicken and tropical salads and fruit were prepared and eaten on the beach.

Backwards Dinner:

The entire meal was eaten backwards:
Campers entered the dinning hall backwards
Announcements were made first

Dinner started with dessert and usually only knives were used for eating the food. The dinner concluded with the singing of the evening blessing

Over Night Hikes

Every camper had to experience outdoor overnight camping.

For the short sessions: hikes were to Meta Lake, Bear cove by canoe, Cedar Falls campground and to Grizzly Lake. During the longer sessions, for the older campers, a two night hike was planned to the back lakes area.

Some other activities done at various times:

Pajama breakfast

Carnival time in the cabins (each cabin planned a carnival type game and campers went

from cabin to cabin participating in the event or game.

Order of The Fork (this was done every session for new campers)

Mountain climbing