Do you remember these songs?. The song I remember most of all is "Rise and Shine". Of course, the songs we learned during the boys session were a little different than the grils camps. Another one I remember was "The Ants Come Marching ". I don't think we ever sang it at campfire, but we sure did on our overnight hikes. Those hills.....we walked up.... I wish they were still there to visit again. Be sure to read the closing campfire song at the bottom of the page.

If you remember, these were the closing songs sang in the standing circle around the campfire with linked arms.

The call of the fire comes to us through the shadows
That follows the close of the day.
Its flames bring us peace and the calmness of spirit
That drives all our troubles away.
We are thankful for days and the joy that they bring us
An night and the rest that it brings.
May we go on believing in this joy we're receiving
Just now round the fire as we sing.

Far above the lakes blue waters..............

Remember the times you've had here
Remember when your away.
Remember the friends you've made here and don't forget to come back someday.
Remember the evening campfires, the sparkling waters too
For you folks belong to Spirit Lake
And Spirit Lake belongs to you.